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Zero-Carbon Aspiration for the Real Economy
Digital economy formats, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, have become indispensable key forces in the real economy. In the low-carbon transition, BCI Group will provide super energy complex parks as total solutions for the digital economy, forming green, zero-carbon platforms that accommodate industries.
Wind and Solar Energy Empowers Cities of the Future
Starting from wind, solar, and other renewable energy infrastructures, BCI Group builds integrated industrial support for energy-utility-link and other basic elements, forges zero-carbon parks, and enables park energy spillover to empower the low-carbon transition of the surrounding city.
Ascent to the Cloud
With the accelerated development in digital industrialization and industrial digitization, cloud- network-edge-terminal deployment is faced with growing complexity and rising cost margins. BCI Group offers scalable, latency-sensitive, and cost-effective integrated cloud-network-edge-terminal infrastructure services for all kinds of such deployments.